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Evolutionary track of Python

Python as the world's favorite coding language.

Hubert Hirthe

Developers around the world have

have a unique opinion about python as the world's favorite coding language. The credit for the development of this programming language goes to Guido Van Rossum a well-known Dutch Programmer and mathematician. He initiated it as a "hobby project" to keep himself occupied during a week around Christmas, as his office remained closed. The project was to create an interpreter for a new scripting language. This was named python as Van Rossum had a high appreciation towards a popular television show Monty Pythons Flying Circus featured as

one of the most popular shows in Britain. Python is a collective name of the show team.

Evolutionary track of Python

However, the first version of this powerful language is published in 1991 and the version Python 1.0 was released in 1994. On tracing out the development history of python along the timeline we have Python 1.5 released in 1997, Python2.0 in 2000, Python 2.5 in 2006, Python 3.0 in 2008 and Python 3.5 on March 2015 and as of now, we are with the latest version Python 3.7.4. Today Python has become the most popular coding language along with Java and Java scripts. According to the TIOBE index, it is said that Python is consistently in the top 10 positions of the most popular languages.

What can you do with python?

Python is a high-level, general-purpose, object-oriented and open-source programming language. Globally, most of the developers use python for creating GUI applications, web sites, and mobile apps. Python is very successfully used in numerous high-traffic sites like Google, Yahoo Maps, Yahoo groups, Linux weekly news, Shopzilla, etc. Likewise, this is considered as the most powerful language compactable for data analytics and machine learning. Developers could easily use several python frames works to ease the efforts for building large scale and complex software applications. Python is very popular in gaming, Scientific, Financial and Educational applications.

What makes Python so special?

Many reasons make python so special. Foremost is that it is easy to learn for it is an expressive and high-level programming language that is readable and easy to understand. Python is a cross-platform portable language compactable to various operating systems like Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. It is an open-source programming language that extends freedom to the developers to customize and reuse it. Another significant characteristic of python is that it has a huge collection of standard libraries that could be used in writing codes. In python, the memory is cleared and freed automatically hence it is endowed with an efficient memory management system. Moreover, the most significant strength of a python is that it is a simple, popular and interpreted the language.

Python Career Opportunities

In the current career scenario, Python is considered as the most sought programming domain that fetches ample career opportunities. One major strength of python in present career space is it's simple to read syntax and easy compilation feature so that it drastically reduces the development time. Moreover, python has diverse libraries that support data analytics, visualization, data manipulations, etc. which make python the first choice in the professional platform. Hence python is well received in diverse domains.

The major job openings in python are happening in the following areas namely.

Python programming /Web development

There are many openings in this domain, especially for freshers as front-end software/ Web developers, python developers or programmers. To be compactable in this domain you have to be familiar with web frameworks like Django and Flask, based on Python. Ability to write server-side codes, managing database, backend programming logic, etc. are it's mandatory skill requirements.

Machine Learning with Python

Python has a large number of machine learning applications. This is a new and potential area in the global career market. It is an interdisciplinary application domain of data science. It is widely used in almost all types of industries like the health industry, banking, and financial sectors, e-commerce, retail business, online marts, research hubs, tourism industry, security sectors, etc. A person skilled up in machine learning with python could get placed in any of the domains of his interest and choice.

Data Science with Python

Data Science has turned out to be an essential requirement for almost all types of companies. To make most out of their historical data, companies from all domains, be it Finance, Marketing, Retail, IT or Bank. All are looking for Data Scientists. This has led to a huge demand for Data Scientists all over the globe. IBM is declaring it as a trending and lucrative job area of the 21st century. This field is such that anyone from any background can start a career as a Data Scientist.

Moreover, there are big opportunities in task automation through scripting, game development using python, embedded applications in python and also the development of desktop applications.

Shortage of Python Programmers

Recently it was reported in 'Times of India' about a serious issue that had faced by one of the top software companies on account of the dearth of python programmers. The mentioned company had signed a project of $ 200 million (INR 1,200 crores) for the development of an app store for a US bank, but there was no sufficient number of programmers who are competent to write code in Python. They have to pay thrice the nominal rate to a group of freelance python programmers to meet the requirement.

Job profiles for Python programmers

The various profiles of lucrative jobs open to python programmers are Senior Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Python Developer, Research Analyst, Research Associate, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Software Developer, Machine Learning Engineer. Apart from these profiles, there are ample opportunities for Freelance python programmers and Data Analyst. Globally India is viewed as an ideal location for outsourcing. A huge volume of projects is outsourced to India from various locations of Europe and America. Start-ups are the next highest-paid platform in India and an ideal start-up with well-set vision and work culture may rise above any other opportunities in the IT domain.

Market Research

Having experienced a considerable amount of hardships and struggles.

Hubert Hirthe

I started my journey on SEO around 5 years ago.

Upon beginning, I'd never come across a one-stop repository that provided me with all the relevant information related to the term "SEO". I found it extremely difficult to learn things on my own as the term, in general, was comparatively new to the market. I'd always wanted to get to know the basic principles or at least a checklist regarding the same but to no avail.

Having experienced a considerable amount of hardships and struggles while gaining a few years of experience along the way, it made sense to make one myself.

With that in mind, I've come up with some profound parameters or SEO Checklist, based on my views that will prove to be useful to any other SEO seeker. While not a complete guide to SEO, it will certainly help you understand SEO much easier and thus help you to plan out tasks more efficiently.


It's always best to start with the initial research. It's the area where the SEO game starts and ends for me. It seems to be a left out part for many and I believe it to be the most important aspect. There's a saying that If you're considering jumping into the river, it's better to get an idea of just how deep it is. You'll have a rough idea of what is required from you and what needs to be executed.

Market Research

When you begin working on specific websites, try hard to learn as much possible about the particular industry it belongs to. It's best to get as much information as possible that can be considered handy while planning your SEO plan and strategies. You should already have a brief idea and timeline in mind. Also, ask yourself how many keywords will need to be targeted to get maximum traffic and what link building strategy will work best for your website.

Competitor Research

You've probably heard this a bunch of times. List down the number of direct competitors and how aggressive they are in their strategies. Check their overall traffic or sessions, the number of keywords they've targeted and the number of backlinks that they have in their arsenal. Compile these elements and come up with the generic and common set of keywords.

Keyword Research

If you're considering looking into competitors' keywords and steal their backlinks, I'd recommend using SEMrush. It works the best, period. Make a complete note of your analysis. Look for these keywords in KWFinder or keyword planner and make tonnes of suggestions for each keyword.

Data Gathering

Be sure to compile the data into an organized list as it will come handy here. You should be able to answer some of the mentioned questions below first.
What's the current status of your website as compared to your competitors?
How optimized is the website?
Have I checked the quality and quantity?
Have you activated Google Analytics to get more detailed information on the website that you are working on? You'll need to bot all these before moving towards On-page SEO techniques.
Have you checked webmaster tools for Search Appearance, Crawl Errors, penalties, Sitemap and Robots.txt files, HTML improvement and Broken Links?
To ensure that you try to fix these issues right before going on for anything on-page.

On-Page SEO

For me, this is the most important element of any successful SEO campaign. Good on-page SEO can rank your website very high on Google's search engines without having to submit a single URL.
For any website, Start with the following :

  1. Sitemap
  2. Robots.txt
  3. Add Navigation
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Webmaster Console
  6. Canonical Error
  7. Fix the issues found in the webmaster first.

Meta Tag

Title: Your primary keyword should have a VVIP slot here. Try to use long-tail keywords.
Put the relevant keyword in the H1 tag as well.
Review Meta Tags.
Fix all your pages' meta titles with the relevant keywords, fix all pages' missing descriptions, and fix all images' missing Alt Text.


Never be afraid to change the content of the website if not found relevant for optimization purposes. Just avoid any duplicate content. Google loves content. Have a minimum count of 1500 words for pages you want to rank well in the search engines. If you need help, You can always get in touch with Social Panga.
Don't forget about linking internal and quality outbound links.
Note: Outbound link is suggested to be from a do-follow link website. If not getting results, try updating your content. Also, analyze the bounce rate.
Performance Metrics:
Multi-Browser friendliness
Check mobile website or responsive design
Loading speeds
Check with google page speed insights for further fixes.
URL optimization:
This is one of the most important aspects, generally neglected by most of the experts. It has a huge impact on your rankings and helps for brand recall as well.
If possible, incorporate primary keywords in the URL.
Use hyphens (-) instead of underscores(_) between two words.
301 redirects for rewritten URLs
Note: Try to optimize as much as possible to succeed in SEO

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page techniques win the race in the long run. This is also referred to as a link building strategy for SEO campaigns. It is where you want to spend the bulk of your time besides planning and creating your content.

Find Unlinked URL

This is one of the easiest ways to build links. If you are working on an already established brand, try to dig into all the unlinked mentions.

Steal Competitors Links

Look out for all of your competitor's backlinks. Try submitting your links over there first. It is again one of the easiest ways of getting trusted backlinks. Just go out and explore.

Social Profiles

Create all the major social medium platforms into getting a social signal. If right now you don't have much content to share, use it for brand building purposes.
Adding social sharing buttons helps to get new users and links.


This is a revolution to attract as much traffic and footsteps to your website. It is a no-follow but certainly brings huge traffic which can be used to increase your targeted keywords rankings. Now you can message people directly to share connections and contents.

Guests Postings

They are more important than you give them credit for. You just need to find the right niche segment, build the right connections and maybe create your group to submit great content without overusing anchor text.

Submit to Other Platforms

Don't forget Slide Share, and Flipboard which gives you a good backlink. Stumble Upon and Reddit can be a great resource as well. If clicked right, you can get major segments of traffic to your websites. I would suggest you to first read their guidelines carefully before posting any posts or submitting links.

The most anticipated remake of Disney

Has hit the theatres and its release marks the completion of 25 years of the original movie that came out on June 15th of 1994.

Hubert Hirthe

The Lion King is not just one of many classic animated

Disney films getting a remake but is one of Disney's most dearly loved possession.
As expected, the voiceover cast was appreciable, especially James Earl Jones returning as the voice of Mufasa. Donald Glover 'Simba' is outstanding too.
The most debated aspect of 'The Lion King' was whether it is an animated or live-action? Well, it's complicated.

The Lion King team moved away from the typical CGI animation process. They came up with a new way of shooting in virtual reality with a live-action crew and made use of life-like animation.

All 1,600 shots of the movie were made using computer-generated imagery. But at the same time, the movie's creative team also used various live-action filmmaking tools and techniques. From lighting to camera movement to set dressing, everything was done using techniques that have been around for decades.

In terms of depicting the characters in CGI, VFX and photoreal animation, Disney animators have done a phenomenal job! It's not the first time that they pulled off photorealistic looking animals. The Jungle Book released in 2016 is still fresh in the memories of the audience.

For the Academy Awards, Disney is expected to position the film as live-action as it did with The Jungle Book, which ultimately won an Oscar for visual effects.

Even though The Lion King is amazing in several ways, it is not perfect. As admirers of Disney studios and their works, many often think it's unfair to point out where the studio is lacking. According to many, the purely CGI-ed animals aren't able to match the timeless classic. As a 2D animator, one had the liberty to amplify emotions through facial expressions and ignore some laws of physics. Being a 'live-remake' the animals failed to elicit such response as they were realistic.

The second criticized aspect is the addition of new scenes and dialogues. Understandably, there has to be some tweaking for novelty, but it has to be done better than the previous one or else why change upon perfection? Small changes make big differences and in this case, unfortunately, it wasn't for the better.

On the other hand, some critics objected to the film being too similar to the original movie. Director Jon Favreau defended it by stating that the movie shouldn't be reinvented completely and most agree with it.

Nevertheless, there is a sense of depth and energy in this edition of The Lion King too. It has already created box office records in its opening week.

Have you watched The Lion King yet? Tell us in the comments below, what you loved the most about the movie.